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RAPID transformational COACHING


This dynamic duo of future-focused coaching and past-healing therapy is a distinctly rare combination of services in the coaching world. The rapid and lasting improvements resulting from this comprehensive approach speak for themselves. Read on to see how this program may be the exact right fit for you!

Did you know that 95% of our actions flow from our subconscious? Despite our best attempts to make lasting changes in our lives, the reality is that most people will go back to their default subconscious settings over time. 


True transformation requires accessing our subconscious and my signature Coaching & Therapy combination package makes that possible through the combined effectiveness of Rapid Transformational Therapy® and Rapid Transformational Coaching®.

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Rachelle Buskas Calgary Alberta

You feel like you're settling when you know you're meant for SO much more. 

You have patterns of behaviour that aren't serving you but breaking them feels beyond reach. 

It feels like money is hard to come by or at minimum, is a significant struggle to achieve. 

The "norm" has never felt fulfilling for you. You desire something more but defining it has been difficult. 

Rachelle Buskas Rapid Transformational Coaching


I have been passionate about exploring the body/mind/spirit connection for well over a decade. This connection is undeniable and it’s the key to unlocking our limitless potential.

I’ve long been able to understand we are more than just our human forms in this physical world and could see past the limiting beliefs and paradigms instilled in us at a very young age. I was always questioning the “norm,” even though that was frowned upon in most societal institutions.

So why do we operate the way that we do? Why do we settle for the lives that we settle for? Why do we often find ourselves trapped in endless, limiting cycles we'd love to break out of?

The beliefs we hold that life is supposed to be a struggle, money is hard to come by and confidence and calm self-assuredness are reserved for the special few, I knew, were false.

We are discovering more and more each day as a collective that these paradigms and long held beliefs are NOT the way we are meant to live. We are discovering that we are what we think, we are what we believe. That our minds are powerful beyond measure and our soul’s wisdom is infinite.

My signature Rapid Transformational Coaching® program is dedicated to helping you tap into that power and wisdom in ways that will revolutionize your life, rapidly and for good. 

Rachelle Buskas Rapid Transformational Coaching


The RTC® Coaching Program is a six-session program delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly online. After your free discovery call, we'll determine what the best schedule will be for the tailored program I'll create with your specific goals in mind. 

Therapy deals with the past and coaching is focused on the future. The program we create together will excavate anything required from your past while paving a clear path forward into the future of your dreams. 

As we work through the future focused elements of your coaching program, subconscious roadblocks will reveal themselves. The beauty of this program is that Rapid Transformational Therapy is included. We will insert therapy sessions when desired, to swiftly access those subconscious thoughts to help you rewrite them in a way that serves your goals. 

The human race is enamoured with complexity. We don't feel like reaching our goals, creating the life we desire or healing from trauma can be this easy. We've been conditioned to look outside of ourselves for the answers.


Every answer you need is already inside of you, waiting to be discovered. Rapid Transformational Coaching® & Therapy offers an abbreviated timeline and lasting impact to this discovery. Are you ready to get started?!

IN their WORDS

How do I even put into words my experience and results from working with Rachelle after having an RTT session… RTT therapy is highly effective and something I wish I’d known about years ago!
Rachelle Buskas Coaching Calgary
Rachelle Buskas Rapid Transformational Coach Calgary

Are you ready?


After having followed world renowned therapist Marisa Peer for years, I jumped at the chance to be personally trained by her to bring her multi-award winning RTT® Coaching & Therapy to those I serve. Through my training, I’ve personally witnessed incredible transformations and soul discoveries using hypnosis.

I’m here to help you unlock your endless potential and start you on a path of personal discovery. I’m dedicated to helping you remove blocks, limiting beliefs and getting to the root cause of your issues so you can immediately start living the life your soul was meant to live…the life of your dreams.

If you're ready to make some massive, lasting changes with a coach that will be as invested and excited as you, book your free discovery call today and lets get to work! 

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